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What Happens Next

Once your registration is processed and payment received an email is automatically generated to the person who has been named on the registration as the main contact. This email contains a link which takes you to the following documents:

You should forward a copy of the Purchase Statement to building control to notify registration before work commences on site. If your work has already started then as long as building control confirm their agreement in writing, we can accept 'late' registrations.

The Compliance Certificates show that you have followed the details and completed the Checklists. Building control may wish to see these, but apart from this, these documents are for your records and there is nothing else that you need to do on building completion, as far as Part E Robust Details are concerned.

The link in the email is only valid for 14 days, if for any reason you are unable to retrieve your documents within the 14 days you can request duplicate documents either by signing into the website and clicking the link next to the registration in the Plot Registration History section or by contacting our Customer Service team on 03300 882141 or by email:

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