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Selecting Timber Floors

Floor Structure Floating Floor type Underfloor Heating  Thickness    Robust Detail
Solid timber joist Timber deck on resilient battens No 384mm   E-FT-2
423.5mm   E-FT-8
Timber deck on resilient battens No 403mm   E-FT-1
423.5mm   E-FT-7
Wet screed No 451.6mm   E-FT-4
Dry screed board Yes 346mm   E-FT-5
Metal web joist Timber deck on resilient battens No 406mm   E-FT-3
Dry screed board Yes 359mm   E-FT-6

Thickness quoted is the minimum possible to comply with the full Robust Details specification including floating floor treatment and ceiling treatment.

for Floor/Wall Combinations

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