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Invoices & Purchase Order Numbers

When making a web registration it has always been possible to choose the builder and developer contact details that are relevant to the site.  This functionality has now been extended to invoice contact details as well. We also offer a top tip for those organisations that require purchase order numbers on their paperwork.

Invoice Contact Details

Where you are registering on behalf of a client you can enter their company details as the invoice contact so that this shows on both the pro-forma and VAT invoice.

Invoicecontact (1)

Purchase Order Numbers

Many accounts departments contact us asking for the pro forma and VAT invoices to have a purchase order or payment reference added. This information can only be entered in the ‘Customer Reference’ field at stage 5 of the online plot registration process.


This will populate on the pro forma and VAT invoices as below:


This will aid the accounts departments in being able to process the payment so you can get your documents quicker.  

If you have any questions about registering your site for Robust Details please contact our Customer Services team on 03300 882141 or email:

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