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Screed Floors

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Correctly isolated screed – sound ‘contained’ within screed Screed not correctly isolated – sound transmitted via the areas of contact of the screed with the other elements


Our range of floating screed floors account for around three quarters of all separating floor registrations. There are seven different variations, but they all have a resilient layer under the screed and edge isolation, either as a separately applied strip or the resilient layer folded up.

The robustdetails® scheme surveillance has established that where the floating screed floors, or indeed any of the Robust Details, are constructed according to specification, they perform extremely well, strongly suggesting that the designs and systems are not inherently faulty.

There are, however, some areas where all these floating screed floors need that tip top attention on site. Two thirds of the floating screed floors that failed to meet Building Regulations’ standards involved lack of isolation of the floating screed. Key points for compliance are to ensure that:

On no account should the screed come into contact with the floor slab, perimeter walls, wall linings or skirtings – so check those joints in the resilient layer before screeding and do not allow anyone to cut off the edging strip before the skirting is fixed.

Free training is available from the product suppliers, aimed at helping site personnel to understand the key factors and to mitigate problems.

In addition, there are now free animations for all these floors on our website that show the key points to watch out for. Use the links below to see for yourself!

E FC 4 E FC 5 E FC 11
E-FC-4 E-FC-5 E-FC-11
E FC 12 E FC 13 E FC 14
E-FC-12 E-FC-13 E-FC-14
E FC 15

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