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The Candidate Robust Details Process

Fees Dates

The fees listed below are the total payable to have a complete new Robust Details separating wall or floor assessed and published in the Handbook.

Other applications, such as those relating to new flanking constructions or alternative components/materials, will not normally be subject to all three Stage fees. Please contact us on 03300 882140 or to discuss individual cases.

Applications are discussed and approved at Robust Details Standards Committee meetings. The committee meets quarterly, and the planned schedule of dates for this year are shown below.

To guarantee that applications are checked and assessed, and any queries addressed, submissions should be received five weeks prior to the meeting. Later submissions will still be accepted, but these may not be ready in time for the meeting.

Stage A £2233.00+VAT 13th February 2019
Stage B £3080.00+VAT 22nd May 2019
Stage C £2970.00+VAT 14th August 2019
13th November 2019