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The robustdetails® scheme is the alternative to post-completion sound testing for satisfying Mandatory Standard 5.1 in Section 5 of the Building (Scotland) Regulations. Using the scheme avoids the uncertainties of post-completion sound testing.

See the LABSS Website for further guidance
  • Can I use it for my development? Yes, for new adjoined dwellings (so not for any conversions, home extensions or building refurbishments).
  • Choose your Robust Details from our handbook, ensuring you can meet the specifications. For flats, check the combination table to ensure that your walls and floors are compatible.
  • Include the Robust Details you wish to use within your application for building warrant to the local authority verifier or submit an amendment of building warrant application to include the Robust Details 

  • Register the plots (registration form) prior to commencement on site. Notify the Verifier by forwarding them a copy of the Purchase Statement.
  • Construct in accordance with specification - contact the Technical Helpline if you need help.


Register your houses and/or flats before you start work on site.