The robustdetails® scheme is the alternative to pre-completion sound testing for satisfying Part E of the Building Regulations. Using the scheme avoids the uncertainties of pre-completion sound testing.
  • Can I use it for my development? Yes, for new adjoined dwellings (though not for any conversions, home extensions or building refurbishments).
  • Choose your Robust Details from our handbook, ensuring you can meet the specifications. For flats, check the combination table to ensure that your walls and floors are compatible.
  • Register the plots (on our website) prior to commencement on site. Notify building control by forwarding them a copy of the Purchase Statement.
  • Construct in accordance with specification - contact the Technical Helpline if you need help.
NEXT STEPS Register your houses and/or flats before you start work on site.

See our Top Tips page for more information on how to register.