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Technical Briefings

We are back into the swing of our 'Breakfast Briefings' across the country. We have three trips planned at various locations to kick the year off. The first one will be in Coventry in April, then our 'Home town' Milton Keynes in May and then off to Exeter in June. In the second half of the year we will visit Peterborough, Maidstone and Swindon.

These will be purely technical briefings, focusing on the significance of flanking paths and the importance of constructing to the right specifications in order to minimise flanking transmission. We will discuss:

  1. Foundations
    It’s critical to the performance of the separating walls that they are constructed off the right type of foundation. We’ll look at the more common forms of foundation, and how they match in with the robustdetails® requirements; and also see the role that sub-structures have to play in providing that “good sound footing”
  2. Walls
    As well as at foundation, separating walls have flanking junctions at the external envelope of the building, so we’ll give examples of how these should be formed. Sound can also flank through a separating wall, and knowing how and where this can happen will help in mitigating the potential risk.
  3. Floors
    One of the major factors influencing the performance of floors is their interaction with walls. This can be at junctions with the separating walls, external or partition walls. Each of these can represent a flanking risk if not built and treated correctly. We’ll also cover the use of steel supports, and clarify where they can be used in conjunction with the Robust Details.


Invitations will be sent via email near to the time, but if you would like to book a place at one of the listed events please email Tracey Lewis at:


John Thompson
CEO, Robust Details Ltd

Claire Porteus
Technical Manager

Dates for the diary:

17th April in Coventry

14th May in Milton Keynes

12th June in Exeter

Further Dates:

October in Peterborough

November in Maidstone

December in Swindon

We will confirm dates for second half of 2024 later, so please check back nearer the time.