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Technical Briefings

We are pleased to announce that the Robust Details technical briefings will continue in 2020.

The Technical presentation will discuss:

  1. Services
    Incorporating mechanical and electrical (M&E) installations including plumbing, heating and ventilation systems, is essential if a home is to function – incorporating them in separating elements following robustdetails® guidance is essential if a home is to function acoustically. This section will look at the different service types; and how to maintain acoustic integrity in each of the various separating elements.
  2. Amending Your Registrations
    The online amendment facility has been available for some time now, but for some it appears technically challenging. This part of the presentation explains its features, and how they are most easily used.
  3. Spandrels and Room-in-Roof
    There are lots of reasons why spandrels are used on top of separating walls; and lots of ways to do it – unfortunately, not all are good for acoustics. Looking at both room-in-roof and non room-in-roof situations, we’ll discuss the specific design and installation considerations, as well as the compatibility of these with the robustdetails® separating walls.
  4. Wall ties
    The mechanics of how sound transfers via wall ties can be surprisingly interesting – with there being a lot more to it than just buying Type A ties. Get tips on ways to specify and use wall ties to get the best acoustic performance.


Invitations will be sent via email near to the time, but if you would like to book a place at one of the listed events please email Tracey Lewis at:


John Thompson
CEO, Robust Details Ltd

Colin Potter
Technical & Development

Helen Wiggins
Business Development Analyst

Dates for the diary:


Dates and Venues TBC

Briefings expected to begin in March


* indicates the area of the United Kingdom the briefing will be held. As soon as venues are confirmed, this page will be updated accordingly.