Selecting Timber Walls

Sheathing to cavity face Cavity Width Cavity Fill Thickness Robust Detail
No sheathing
or optional
partial sheathing
min.50mm between stud frames Generic 303mm E-WT-1
None allowed 303mm E-WT-3
Fully sheathed or extensive part sheathing min.50mm between sheathing faces Generic 303mm E-WT-2
Fully sheathed min.60mm between sheathing faces None allowed 303mm E-WT-4
KEY B.Regs
+ 3 dB
+ 5 dB
Cavity fill is optional + 8 dB

Thickness quoted is the minimum possible to comply with the full Robust Details specification including finishes.

A skim coat would be in addition.

Deeper studs will increase this dimension.

for Floor/Wall Combinations
and Code for Sustainable Homes

for Selecting Your Robust Details