Selecting Loadbearing Masonry Walls

Block Type Cavity Width Finishes Cavity Fill Thickness Robust Detail
min.75mm Dryline Generic  336mm E-WM-6
336mm E-WM-10
336mm E-WM-13
Proprietary 325mm E-WM-15
min.100mm Dryline Proprietary 345mm E-WM-23
345mm E-WM-24
345mm E-WM-30
Lightweight Aggregate
min.75mm Wet plaster Generic  301mm E-WM-2
Dryline Generic  336mm E-WM-4
Proprietary  325mm E-WM-8
325mm E-WM-17
320mm E-WM-27
min.100mm Wet plaster Generic  326mm E-WM-21
Dryline Generic  361mm E-WM-11
361mm E-WM-19
Proprietary  350mm E-WM-14
350mm E-WM-20
350mm E-WM-22
345mm E-WM-28
Dense Aggregate
Solid wall Dryline n/a 291mm E-WM-9
min.75mm Wet plaster Generic  301mm E-WM-1
Dryline Generic  336mm E-WM-3
min.100mm Wet plaster Generic  326mm E-WM-18
Dryline Generic  366mm E-WM-16
361mm E-WM-19
Besblock Star Performer min.75mm Dryline Generic  336mm E-WM-5
Proprietary 325mm E-WM-8
min.100mm Dryline Proprietary 350mm E-WM-17
Generic  361mm E-WM-11
361mm E-WM-19
Generic  350mm E-WM-26
Plasmor Aglite Ultima min.75mm Dryline Generic  336mm E-WM-12
Proprietary  325mm E-WM-17
min.100mm Dryline Proprietary  350mm E-WM-22
Wienerberger Porotherm min.75mm Dryline Generic  326mm E-WM-29
min.100mm Dryline Generic  351mm E-WM-25
H+H Celcon Elements min.100mm Dryline Generic  345mm E-WM-31
KEY B.Regs
+ 3 dB
Cavity fill must be used + 5 dB
Cavity fill is optional + 8 dB

Thickness quoted is the minimum possible to comply with the full Robust Details specification including finishes.

 For Dryline walls, a 10mm dab is assumed  - skim coat would be in addition.

for Floor/Wall Combinations
and Code for Sustainable Homes

for Selecting Your Robust Details